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Jack Russell Jack Russell

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Completely Excellent... one small glitch

I enjoyed this game quite immensely! The graphics were nice and the gameplay was very unique. The load screens in between levels were smart, and I found the "win" screen humor fit the rest of the game: light and witty (an exploding dog IS slightly humorous).

Three small critiques:
*in the instructions it says that clearing the level will lose you a turn, though on several occasions it did not.
*on the first level with the moving bomb, when you press "go" the bomb automatically resets at the far left of the screen which makes timing based on the bombs preceeding movements all for nothing. (the glitch I was referring to)
*a password based level skipping function would be nice

Can't Own This... Can't Own This...

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Too Hard.

I was so close to collecting 10, but it's just too hard to control -- goes so fast. In this case I think it's better to go too fast than too slow, but what was really annoying was not being able to skip that first animation of you blasting off.

Otherwise I really enjoyed the graphics, and the circles around the ship that help you target were really nice, indeed.

joearchy responds:

as you increase in level (increase every 10 collects) your speed increases
Formula: original speed * level = speed
^_^ hope it helped,
and btw the offer for being in the credits is still up. anyone who beats it is in